If all those productivity tools, hacks, and tips haven’t worked for you yet, it may be time to try something a little different.

By Lauren Phillips
Updated November 06, 2018
ToDon't List Anti-Productivity App
Credit: Courtesy of The ToDon't List

Instead of trying to do everything on your to-do list, maybe you should try not doing anything on your list. Hear me out: There’s probably plenty on your to-do list, but is it realistic to expect yourself to do it all, especially in one day? Instead of agonizing over what you didn’t get done, wouldn’t it be nice (at least briefly) to celebrate what you didn’t do in a day?

This is the premise behind the ToDon’t List, a new anti-productivity tool by Burrow, one of our favorite couch-in-a-box companies. The ToDon’t List helps you keep track of—and avoid—those things you probably really shouldn’t do, like order takeout for dinner again or text your ex. And, once the day is done, if you haven’t done anything on your list, you’ll get a little congratulatory message, celebrating your non-achievements.

An alternative approach to productivity may not help you knock all those actual must-dos off your list, but it will help you avoid squandering your valuable time on non-helpful things like stalking your ex’s new S.O. on Instagram or procrastinating on your work responsibilities. (Even bad habits, such as biting your nails or drinking six cups of coffee before noon, can go on the ToDon’t List.)

Focusing on the actions you didn’t take may even give you a bit of a confidence boost, especially because leaving items on your to-do list so often feels like a failure. With the ToDon’t List, having leftover items on the list is actually a triumph.

Whether you’re trying to move past a series of bad habits or just tired of looking at a lengthening to-do list, the ToDon’t List may be the productivity method that actually works for you. Like with any productivity tool, though, you’ll need to stick with it.

The ToDon’t List is available for free download now as an iPhone app or a Google Chrome extension.