Get ready for a 2019 full of better grammar and spelling–and fewer regretted messages.

By Lauren Phillips
Updated February 06, 2019

Everyone’s done it: You type up a message to a friend, neighbor, or acquaintance, hit send, and immediately realize there’s a glaring typo or grammar mistake in the message. You can blame autocorrect all you want, but that’s not going to do too much to help you save face, especially if you’re messaging a real stickler for grammar or a distant acquaintance or family member you haven’t spoken with in a while and are hoping to impress. In some cases, the message is your first impression, and a major misspelling or poorly worded phrase can make it a bad one.

A new feature from Facebook Messenger can help. Launched in early February, according to Wired, the new feature allows users to remove a message from a one-on-one or group chat within 10 minutes of sending it. Anyone who has accidentally sent a message to the wrong group can easily delete it, though people on the chat may still receive a notification that a message was sent, and everyone will be able to see that you deleted a message. Explaining that deletion may be a little easier than explaining the contents of the original message, though, especially if the deleted message included something you instantly regretted saying. (Everyone hits send too soon from time to time.)

To delete a sent message on Facebook Messenger:

  1. Tap the message
  2. Tap remove
  3. Tap remove for everyone. A pop-up will ask you if you’re sure you’d like to delete the message.

Messages can also be deleted in Instagram, and on that app, other people won’t be able to see that you deleted a message. Gmail also offers an unsend feature for emails. This new Facebook Messenger feature won’t solve all your chatting woes, especially if you have a bad habit of sending snarky or poorly thought-out messages (if you do, some Facebook etiquette may be helpful), but it may give you a chance to put a better foot forward—especially if autocorrect seems to have it out for you.