This may explain why your coworker has been squinting at her screen all day.

By Blake Bakkila
Updated August 10, 2017
Atypeek/Getty Images

One optical illusion is bending minds and lines. On Monday, Atlanta-based artist Victoria Skye responded to a Twitter user who had found an optical illusion she made. Titled “Cafe Wall Optical Illusion,” the patterned design is not shocking—until you read Skye’s description.

“Do the horizontal bars look like they bend and are at an angle?” Skye wrote. “Look again, because they don’t bend. They are straight and in parallel rows. The alternating target patterns, rows and colors all combine to trick your brain.”

In a subsequent tweet posted on Tuesday, Skye added, “The contrasting colors, angles and edges all go into deceiving the eye.”

As some commenters suggested, squinting helps show the straight horizontal lines—but that didn’t stop others from losing their minds.

“Ok, think I’ve looked at it too long. Smoke has just started coming out of my left ear,” joked one Twitter user, while another said, “This is utterly mental, stop breaking my brain.”

And one could only explain their confusion using popular gifs, with help from beloved TV icons Ron Swanson and Joey Tribbiani.

This joins the dress and shiny legs as the latest online illusion controversy. And with thousands now squinting at their computer screen, Skye put a positive spin on the reactions to her creation: “Illusions can easily distract you from the worries of the day and give you something fun to contemplate instead.”