Surprise friends and family with a personalized filter.

By Alexandra Schonfeld
Updated June 28, 2017
stockcam/Getty Images

After a bit of controversy last week over Snapchat’s latest feature, the company has added something new that we can all get behind: an easy way to create those fun geofilters.

Earlier this year, Snapchat began allowing users to submit or create their own geofilters using a tool on their website. The site would allow you to draw a map around the geographical location the custom filter would show up in as well as select active dates and times. From there, Snapchat would provide a price estimate (yes, it costs money). To make a filter appear for 24 hours around Real Simple’s office, for example, would cost about $44—price start at $5, but vary based on how large of a space you designate and the amount of time allocated.

Geofilters—like geotags—are a popular way for users to tell their friends where they are using cute, sometimes hand-drawn filters or frames. They can be as broad as “New York” and as personal as “Jenny’s 25th birthday.”

The new update allows users to create geofilters directly on the app. Users will be provided with pre-set templates for different occasions (birthday, graduation) and then given the tools to customize. For now, the tool will only be available to users in the U.S., but, according to, will likely expand to other markets.

Before you get to work on a special filter, consider the timing and plan ahead—each filter created (both online and through the app) has to be approved by Snapchat before it goes live to ensure users don't include any personal information like phone numbers or email addresses.