6 Cool Apps for Sending Snail Mail

Email may be speedy, but the signed, sealed, delivered variety still takes the cake in our book. Luckily, these genius options make the process easy (and fun). Postage included!



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Here’s a good choice for people who hate their handwriting. Punkpost will have your memo transcribed by hand onto a letterpress card featuring an artist’s design. The service is available for all languages—including Emoji. Bonus: You can add confetti to the envelope for a little something extra. Available on Apple or Android devices.

Cost: Cards are $6 (first card free).



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Create a greeting card with your photos—choose a ready-made template or make a Storyframe, which includes up to four photos and folds out into an accordion style. Add a personal touch by using your fingertip or stylus to pen a handwritten message or doodle onto your creation. Available on Apple devices.

Cost: Storyframes start at $3 and cards start at $4 (includes postage and shipping).



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Want your handwriting on the card? Jot down a note and then use this app to take a photo of your message. Your writing will then be transposed onto a greeting card of your choice. Recipients can even scan the QR barcode on the back and save a digital copy (just in case). Available on Apple or Android devices.

Cost: Cards are $3.99 and postcards $1.49.



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Put your vacation photos to work by zapping Instagram snaps onto a postcard. Type a message to accompany the shot and have it delivered to one or many recipients. The featured photo is perforated and can be popped out of the card for displaying on the fridge. Available on Apple or Android devices.

Cost: Postcards start at 99 cents.



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Is your loved one serving in the military or attending boot camp? Use this app to upload a photo and note to be printed and delivered to your soldier’s mail call. The sent envelope includes paper and a stamped return envelope so the receiver can easily write you back. Available on Apple or Android devices.

Cost: Letters start at $2.33.



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Tech lovers will dig this card service, which uses a robot to ink your message in one of three handwriting styles. Special occasion? Handwrytten allows you to include a gift card, too. Available on Apple or Android devices.

Cost: Cards start at $3.