A virtual reality version of this throwback is coming soon to your phone or tablet. 

By Blake Bakkila
Updated May 11, 2017

Sims fans can now access a new form of virtual reality in the palm of their hands. Electronic Arts recently announced that they are releasing The Sims Mobile, which brings the popular life simulation game to iPhone and Android devices. The company shared a video teasing the new mobile version from a soft launch in Brazil on Wednesday.

In the clip, true to the original game, users can create their own Sims characters. But this time, you can also build multigenerational families, earn family heirlooms, start a dream career, and unlock new hobbies. The possibilities are endless for your Sims: They can be doctors, DJs, chefs, baristas, and more.

Users can also interact with their real-life friends’ Sims and build relationships with them. In one scene in the video, you have the choice to tell a joke, gossip, or mock the hairstyle of the Sims you’re chatting with. You can even invite other Sims friends to your parties, or ask your Sims’ special someone to move into the house you designed. Or if you’re looking to add drama to your online life, you can prompt your Sims to talk about his or her partner’s affair or discuss the couple’s plans for the future.

There is no official release date available on the company’s website. The Sims was first launched in 2000 and has had a strong following ever since. The Sims is also available in the latest desktop version, The Sims 4, as well as The Sims FreePlay, a free mobile gaming experience that launched in 2011.