The TCL Xess™ in partnership with alcatel turns kitchen time into family time.


A long day spent at the office or caring for kids can make dinnertime seem like total chaos for moms—it doesn’t have to.

Savor simplicity with mom’s little multitasker, the TCL Xess™, allowing mom to effortlessly plan out meals while still staying connected to the family. The portable 17-inch TCL Xess™ seamlessly integrates into your kitchen routine with just the perfect amount of taste. Use it to search for dinner inspiration, then have it help you keep an eye on the kids while you cook—the device can monitor their actions in another room or keep them entertained at the kitchen table.

An information and entertainment hub, the TCL Xess™ streamlines suppertime and turns your kitchen into the new family room. It's the perfect gift for Mother's Day or really any day of the year.


The Perfect Amount of Taste

Not sure what to make tonight? The TCL Xess™ can serve up inspiration with its pre-loaded cooking apps. Search for recipes and access step-by-step how-to videos that will have you whipping up dishes like a master chef—just don't forget to set a reminder to check on that roast. Save your favorites in a digital recipe box so they're at the ready for effortless weeknight menus.


Tune In

Tending to the kids while trying to get food on the table isn't the most fun, but the TCL Xess™ has got you covered. The device includes an IP camera and pre-installed camera app so you can monitor your little ones while they watch TV in the living room or nap in the nursery. Now you can have peace of mind while you prep.


Stay Connected

Make no mistake, the TCL Xess™ is more than just a meal planner—it's a home hub, complete with a high-definition screen and dual speakers for amazing sound reproduction. Kids can access tasteful content from the pre-loaded Nick and Noggin apps and watch popular shows. You can download apps like Netflix or Hulu, choose a favorite family film, then use the adjustable stand to set it on the kitchen counter and create a mini home theater. Gathering everyone around the table has never been so easy.