My back has never felt better.

By Hana Hong
March 25, 2020

As we all adjust to the new normal of working from home, I’ve been trying to cope with all the pent-up energy that comes with a sedentary lifestyle. As it turns out, working in bed for several hours while craning your body in different positions to reach my laptop is not good for your back, and as I make the long trek from the bedroom to the living room, there’s one thing that rings in my head truer than ever: I need a massage

It's a highly stressful time for everyone right now, and lots of people have self-care top-of-mind. Newsflash: Your mind isn’t the only part of you trying to acclimate to spending all that time indoors—your body is taking a toll too. Sure, yoga stretches and mindful meditation are great, but after long stretches of sitting in front of a computer screen or a tough at-home workout, you might want to employ something a bit more intense to cure those muscle kinks.

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Enter Theragun, a percussive massage tool that uses rapid hammering vibrations to knead at your soft tissue (the same thing massage therapists do to you during a massage). Because they are so powerful, these devices can reach deeper layers of muscle than human hands, a foam roller, or other muscle recovery methods can. 

I first saw the Theragun ads on Instagram, where slo-mo videos showed skin literally rippling underneath the force of the device. After seeing that it had over 300 five-star Amazon reviews, I decided to try the thing out for myself. 

First impression: It's kind of intimidating because it looks (and sounds) like a power drill. The device feels sturdy in hand and features an ergonomic, adjustable head that allows you to massage your own back (although I will say that it’s much more convenient to have someone help you tackle those hard-to-reach spots). The hard hammering was a strange sensation at first; the vibrations echoed into even the deepest parts of my body, including my ears (it felt like something was tickling my ear canal).  

However, after just a few minutes of using this around my back, I felt more loose and less sore than ever. After using it daily for the last couple weeks, I've noticed significant improvements in muscle flexibility and overall tension. It’s even helped me score deeper sleep sessions and wake up feeling more relaxed. Now the experience feels relieving the moment it touches skin and I find myself craving the feeling often (I like to give the tool a quick whirl during work breaks).

As of now, Theragun's portfolio of massage guns includes three different models. If you get anything higher than the premium model, you’ll be able to play around with different speeds and receive a variety of different attachment heads depending on your desired intensity level. They are a bit pricey compared to other massage therapy tools, so if you’re only looking for a light stimulation—and not a deep tissue pounding—this might be on the expensive side. 

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However, if you've been on the fence about making the splurge, now is the best time to jump the gun (pun intended). Theragun is currently offering its three devices—the G3Pro, G3, and Liv—at discounted prices (up to $150 off) for a limited time. A portion of proceeds goes to Feeding America, with a goal of donating 100,000 meals. Through this initiative, the company has joined other fitness brands, such as Brooks and Under Armour, in stepping up for causes during this critical period. The company will also release daily wellness routines via Instagram Live for those stuck at home.

Overall, I recommend the Theragun portfolio for anyone with chronic muscle pain, tension, and/or spasticity. Whether that stiffness is from inactivity or trying out a new routine, it really is the quickest way to increase blood flow and reduce inflammation. If you’re looking to destress your muscles pronto and contribute to a good cause, you can shop the discounted G3Pro ($449), G3 ($349), and Liv ($199) on the brand's website now.

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