This Genius Amazon Find Lets You Control Your Garage Door From Anywhere—and It’s Just $30 Right Now

Shoppers call it “the perfect solution to porch thieves.”
By Rena Behar
December 17, 2020
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With the holidays just around the corner, ‘tis the season for plentiful package deliveries and unfortunate weather. But Amazon shoppers have found an affordable gadget that’ll keep your packages protected from porch thieves and snow storms alike: The MyQ Smart Garage Door Opener

Here’s how it works: The MyQ hub uses WiFi to connect to your smartphone, so you can open and close your garage door from anywhere—no matter how far away you are—through the corresponding MyQ app. The app also has a guest feature, where you can authorize up to three separate people to operate your garage, and you can opt to receive notifications on your phone whenever the door’s status changes.

Even more exciting for many users is the fact that myQ has partnered with Key by Amazon, the retailer’s new in-garage delivery service. This means that Amazon Prime members in select cities can link their MyQ account to the Amazon Key app, enabling Amazon delivery drivers to open the garage with their Amazon scanner, deposit a package, and close the door behind them.

Apparently, this convenient service is one people have been waiting for. The MyQ has more than 20,000 five-star ratings on Amazon from homeowners who say it not only gives them peace of mind knowing their garage is definitely shut when they’re not home, but also that it’s the “perfect solution to porch thieves.” This is especially useful for people who get packages delivered often and aren’t always around to bring them inside right away. 

The system works with most garage door models manufactured after 1993, and many shoppers say the user-friendly device paired with easy instructions make setup a breeze. “Received the smart hub and my husband—NOT a techy at all—had the system installed, up and running within 30 minutes. Our garage door opener is approximately 10 years old so we had concerns... but there were no problems!” said one customer, who continued, “It was SO nice to be away for the week after Christmas and to get notified there was a package coming, be notified the door was opening, and one minute later notified the door was closing; and when we arrived home our Amazon package was sitting safely inside our garage.”

Another said: “In my humble opinion, this is a wonderful addition to my garage and solves the problem of driving away and later discovering I forgot to close the garage door. Also, the peace of mind that results from automatically closing all the garage doors (should they have been left open) at the end of the day, is priceless. I am a happy camper and give myQ 8 out of 5 stars.” 

The handy smart home device is currently on sale for 25 percent off, bringing the price down to just $30 on Amazon. Plus, if you order now, it will still arrive before Christmas—making it the perfect last-minute holiday gift for any homeowner on your list. And since they’ll never again have to argue with the rest of their household over who left the garage door open, the MyQ will be the gift that keeps on giving. 


To buy: $30 (was $40);