Jonny Valiant

What it does: What doesn’t it do? E-mail, Web browsing, watching videos, and more are all easy to master.

Best features: Fast, unlimited Web browsing via the 3G network (touted as the fastest mobile browsing technology). Syncs with multiple e-mail accounts.

Biggest drawbacks: The sensitive touch screen can be hard to get used to (thumb tapping works best). Heavier than other phones. Carried only by AT&T.

Cost: For 8 gigabytes, $199; for 16, $299. Plans start at $70, only through AT&T. And there are no great deals: Apple does not discount the iPhone.

It’s for you if… You depend on a mobile device to do everything a phone and a computer do. A two-in-one tool for hipsters, moms, and hipster moms.