Apple just revealed details about its new phone, available for preorder on September 9 and shipping out on September 16.

By Sarah Yang
Updated September 07, 2016


The rumors turned out to be true… the new iPhone doesn't have a headphone jack. The phones come with new EarPods with Lightning connectors at the end, which plug into the same port at the bottom of the device that's used to charge the phone. It’s unclear how you can charge your phone and listen to music through headphones at the same time. If you’re attached to your current headphones, the iPhone comes with a headphone jack adapter. Apple is also releasing rechargeable wireless earphones, AirPods, which connect to Bluetooth and Siri—they’ll retail for $159 and come with a charging case.


Many of us take pictures with our iPhones instead of compact digital cameras—and from the new features that Apple announced today, it doesn’t look like that will change anytime soon. The new 12-megapixel wide angle camera on both the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus has optical image stabilization, a better lens for more detailed photos and videos, and wide color capture for more vibrant colors. In addition to the new camera, the iPhone 7 Plus comes with another 12-megapixel telephoto camera with amazing zoom features. Together, these two cameras on the iPhone 7 Plus will be able to create a depth-of-field effect, allowing the subject of the photo to “pop” out more—this feature will be available in an OS update later this year.


The hardware on the new phone makes it run much faster than the iPhone 6, so it won’t take forever for an app to load. It will run out of juice eventually, but the battery life is better, too. Not only will your phone run faster, but it won’t take as much power to do so. It has the longest battery life of any iPhone.


The screen display is brighter and has more color, so if you watch movies or TV shows on your phone, you’ll notice a big change. And for those of you who have worn your home button out, or frustratingly, it doesn’t work anymore, the new one is supposedly more durable and responsive.


The new shade is black and it comes in two different shades. The black finish is more matte, which is a similar texture and appearance to the other existing colors: gold, rose gold, and silver. The jet black color has a stylish, high-gloss finish.


We’re not encouraging you to submerge it underwater for long periods of time, but if you fall into the pool or drop it in the toilet (let’s face it, we all know someone who’s done that), you won’t have to pray to the Apple gods (also known as Genius Bar employees) to save it, or resort to soaking your phone in a bed of rice. The new design also makes it less susceptible to getting clogged with dust.


The iPhone 7 will retail for $649 (32 GB model), which is similar to what you would have paid for the iPhone 6s. The Plus version will cost $769 (32 GB model). If this seems like a crazy amount of money to shell out at once, you can choose the installment option with monthly payments. Apple normally lowers the pricing of the older models and it will probably do the same for the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus models, but it hasn’t announced yet how much they will now cost.