This Genius Tool Will Keep All Your Electronics Charged and Organized for Less Than $40

If you own more than one electronic device, you should seriously consider adding this to your virtual cart.
By Megan Mowery
December 21, 2020
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There’s a good chance that somewhere in your home—if not in multiple spots throughout—there exists a tangled web of charger cords struggling to share power from an outlet or two. They might be hidden away with an “out of sight, out of mind” mentality or not-so-proudly displayed out in the open for a lack of better options. But luckily, there is a better option, and it’ll cost you less than $40 on Amazon.

The Hercules Tuff Charging Station effortlessly organizes your devices and cuts down on cord mess. With the space to charge up to six Apple devices at once, it can power your iPhone, iPad, and AirPods all at once. No more random cords dispersed around the room—the charging station gives each device a home in which to be neatly tucked away, and it has dividers to keep them upright and protected.


To buy: $35 (was $40);

The best part? The charging station includes six cables, so you won’t have to invest in extra. And since they’re Lightning cables, you can get a full charge in an hour or less, regardless of whether you’ve plugged in one device or six. Don’t take our word for it, though: Reviewers love the Hercules Tuff Charging Station for its organizational capabilities, quick charging, and low price.

“[My husband] was getting upset with the tangle of cords and chargers on the bedside table… as we are charging two phones, an iPad, and a Fitbit all at once in the same spot,” one Amazon reviewer wrote. But with this charging station, “everything is now neat, the cords aren’t tangled.”

Parents of teenagers are even going so far as to call the organizer a lifesaver. “I have a busy household, [with] kids always coming and going, taking chargers as they go and forgetting to bring them home,” one wrote. “I called it the ‘Charger War’ when we dwindled down to two chargers, with five iPhones in the house, regardless of how many we kept buying. I bought this handy-dandy gadget over a month ago and peace has finally been declared… 110% recommend.”

While this particular Hercules Tuff Charging Station is only compatible with Apple devices, it’s also available in an Android version, as well as mixed cable options and a customizable one, so all your devices can benefit.