Prepare to welcome Alexa into your home.

By Blake Bakkila
August 04, 2017
“I love our Alexa. Couldn't live without her when cooking, listening to music, or getting information. When I'm away and in a hotel, I often find myself asking Alexa what the weather is to an empty room. Sad.” – Sarah Chipps, co-founder of Girl Develop It and CEO of JewelbotsTo buy: $180;

You don’t have to wait until Black Friday to get a steal on the Amazon Echo. With several third-party retailers offering the device for 50 percent off, today might be the best opportunity to get your hands on one.

Target, Best Buy, Bed Bath & Beyond and Bloomingdale’s, among several others, are all offering the Echo for $89.99. Other Echo sales can be found at B&H Photo-Video Audio, Abt Electronics and AppliancesShopko, buybuy BABY and PC Richard & Son.

Interestingly, one retailer not offering this blowout sale is Amazon. The creators of the Echo are selling the product for full price ($179.99) and their supply is out of stock until August 11.

There are also deals on other Amazon devices, like the Amazon Tap and Amazon Echo Dot. Originally $129.99, Best Buy and Bed Bath & Beyond are both selling the Tap for $79.99. The two retailers are also selling the Echo Dot for $15 off, with a sale price of $34.99. Bloomingdale’s is offering the Echo Dot for $39.99, $10 less than its full price, $49.99. Meanwhile, Target is selling the Tap for $99.99 and the Echo Dot for $34.99.

These sales come just weeks after Amazon released the Echo Show, which combines the help of voice-activated Alexa with a video screen. This way, users can now watch videos, tune into the daily news, and call their friends and family.

First introduced in 2014, Amazon’s Echo has been a wildly popular addition to homes worldwide. With 4.4 out of 5 stars on Amazon, most customers are thrilled with the hands-free efficiency of playing music, requesting sports scores and more.