The company really, really wants consumers to return their defective devices.

By Kristen Bahler
Updated October 13, 2016
Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Refund
Credit: George Frey/Getty Images

This article originally appeared on Money.

In case you were thinking of holding onto your Samsung Galaxy Note 7 as a souvenir, the company is offering a cash incentive to get you to reconsider.

Starting today Samsung’s new Note 7 Refund & Exchange program will give customers who bring in their Note 7 a $100 credit in addition to a free replacement phone or a $25 credit if they opt instead for a full refund or a smartphone made by a different brand. The rebates can be used for all “original and replacement Galaxy Note 7 devices sold or exchanged in the United States,” according to the company.

“We appreciate the patience of our consumers, carrier and retail partners for carrying the burden during these challenging times,” Samsung’s president and CEO Tim Baxter says in the statement. “We are committed to doing everything we can to make this right.”

The Galaxy Note 7 was originally recalled in September due to fires and overheating problems stemming from their lithium-ion batteries. On Tuesday, the company announced that it had officially halted production of the phones.