Make your personal information safer online.

By Real Simple
Updated August 06, 2009
Nato Welton

In addition to installing antivirus software that automatically updates, consider these software downloads (many of which are free) to thwart third parties from tracking your activities on the Web, says L. Jean Camp, an expert on online risk and the director of the security informatics program at Indiana University, in Bloomington.

Ad-Aware: Removes malicious spyware on your computer. Free for home computer use with limited features.

ZoneAlarm: This firewall watches for suspicious network activity.

Firefox: This free browser is considered to offer a higher level of security than Internet Explorer.

Download these Firefox add-on applications for more security:

Adblock Plus: Removes banner ads, which can be malicious.

BetterPrivacy: Removes Flash cookies, which track your movements on the Web and store lots of information about where you go.