See the new 67 emoji characters that could be available soon.

By Priyanka Aribindi
Updated August 08, 2017
Joshua Jones, Emojipedia

Redheads of the world, rejoice!

According to a new release by the Unicode Consortium, redheads may finally be getting the emoji treatment in 2018—and they’re not the only ones! Along with redheaded figures, the Emoji Subcomittee has proposed 66 other new candidates for characters, and though it’s hard to play favorites when it comes to the cute characters, there are a few we’re especially excited about.

In addition to red hair, users might be able to choose a number of other hair colors and styles for their emoji characters, including curly hair, gray hair, and even bald heads. For animal lovers, kangaroos, llamas, and hippos may be on the way, and for fans of fruits and veggies, so may leafy greens and mangoes. But if sweet treats are more up your alley, don’t worry—the emoji cupcake on the list could satisfy your cravings.

Students and budding scientists may also be excited to see the inclusion of many more science-oriented emoji, including microbes, test tubes, petri dishes, and the DNA double helix.

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Now there’s no guarantee that these make the final cut—according to the release, the Emoji Subcommittee is recommending these additions as “Draft Candidates” for Unicode 11.0, which is scheduled for release in June 2018. We’ll have a better idea of what we can definitely expect to see later this year after they decide on the “Final Candidates,” but in the meantime we’ll work on figuring out how join this Emoji committee!