Three new enhancements just made your life a bit more, well, Pinteresting.

By Liz Steelman
Updated February 08, 2017
Pinterest Phone

If you’re addicted to Pinterest, the billions of pins that populate your feed probably have overwhelmed you at some point or another. You know what you like, and you’d love to see more of your style in your feed. It would be great, too, if it was easier to make your pin dreams come true. Well today the idea-saving site rolled out three new features—Instant Ideas, Shop the Look, and Lens—that will both help personalize user’s feeds and help them execute the ideas they’ve saved.

Instant Ideas:

See a pin you like on your feed but want to see what else is out there? Click on the white circle in the corner and your feed will populate with more visually similar ideas. The best part? You won’t lose your space in your feed—the rest of the pins just move down.

Shop the Look:

Find a street style look you love but can’t afford the real thing? Pins in the Shop the Look feature blue circles on certain fashion and home décor pins. Just tap on the item you’re interested in and you’re shown different priced options that you can then purchase. Both Shop the Look and Instant Ideas are available now on the latest versions of the iOS and Android apps, as well as


Love that coffee table you saw in an ad, but can’t figure out where it’s sold? Need ideas on how to style a new pair of jeans? With Lens, just take a picture of the item or the scene, and it will show you visually similar images. It also pulls keywords based on the image (like table for a living room scene, shirt for a fashion flat lay, or pomegranate for a winter salad) that you can tap on to narrow your search. This feature is now is Beta, but will be released to users in the US in the new few weeks.