How to spend less time scrolling through memes and more time doing what matters most. 

By Charlotte Lieberman
Updated May 16, 2018
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These apps can help you become more mindful of your phone use and interact with your device in a healthier way.

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Get Motivated By Productivity

Phone interfering with your to-do list? Forest ($2 for iOS; free for Android) aims to help users avoid mindless app switching and multitasking. You plant a cute virtual seedling and, if you resist opening other apps, it will grow into a healthy tree or even a whole forest. (Get sidetracked and your tree will die.) The best part: The app benefits the real tree-planting organization Trees for the Future.

Stick to Your Tech-Free-Meals Resolution

Back in the day, your parents might have taken the phone off the hook during dinner. Try DinnerTime (free; iOS only) to help accomplish phone-free meals. When you sit down with loved ones, use the app to set an amount of time, and during that span it will prevent you from accessing apps on your phone.

Get a Wake Up Call

Is most of your phone time spent emailing, texting, or scrolling through French bulldog feeds? If you’re not sure, Moment (free; iOS only) can help: It provides stats on not only how much you use your phone each day but also what apps you use. It also provides tools to set limits around your phone usage and even offers a two-week habit-changing boot camp with daily challenges.