Do this one little thing and you'll never have to deal with this pesky cell phone charger problem again.

By Rachel Sylvester
November 08, 2018
inspire finder/Getty Images

If you’ve ever found yourself in dire need of charging your cell phone before it loses power, then you understand the frustration that comes with a frayed lightning charger. You know what we mean: A phone charger that, by all other accounts, looks brand new, save for the frayed cable that hangs onto its adapter by a few measly threads. Fortunately, there’s an easy way to prevent a broken phone charger that won't require you to brave a trip to the Apple store.

Since we’re always down for a life-changing hack, we’re happy to report that this tech fix only requires electrical tape and a spring-loaded pen that you can definitely find stashed in your junk drawer. To start, wrap the base of your lightning cord (that’s the end closest to the adapter that plugs into the base of your phone) with a 1-inch piece of electrical tape. Next, repurpose your trash-bound pen by dismantling the base and removing the spring hidden inside.

broken phone charger spring

Once the spring is removed, attach the metal to the base of your lighting cord by prying open one end of the spring and holding the cable steady as you gently thread the length of the wire onto the cord. Once secure, the spring helps to lessen any wear and tear your phone charger endures on a daily basis.

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Not only does this simple hack help make your phone charger last longer, but it’ll save you from spending upwards of $50 for a brand new power adapter and cable. Another perk: The handy trick works on just about any charging device—whether you need to juice up your phone, iPad or e-reader.