You’ve taken a gazillion adorable snaps of your family—don’t leave them all stranded in the cloud!

By Marisa Cohen
December 08, 2017

This holiday season, you’re destined to add another few hundred photos to your smartphone’s album. After all, who can resist capturing dozens of snaps every time the the kids build a snowman, Dad tries on his new reindeer pajamas, or the family gathers around a fierce game of Spin the Dreidel.

But after you share a couple of your favorites on Facebook or Instagram, what happens to rest of your images? They will likely disappear into the black hole of your digital storage, never to be printed or perhaps even seen again.

“People feel overwhelmed and guilty—it’s like when you say ‘I have too many clothes but nothing to wear,’” says Isabelle Dervaux, a professional photo organizer in Brooklyn, NY. “You may have thousands of photos, but nothing framed or hanging on your wall.” But if the thought of wading through thousands of digital memories to find the one or two worthy of a poster-size print is keeping you from even getting started, follow these simple steps:

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