If your 2018 goals are becoming a little hard to maintain, let one of these nifty gadgets give you a hand.

By Liz Steelman
Updated January 09, 2018
Milan Sladic/EyeEm/Getty Images

This is finally going to be the year when you (fill in the blank), right? Well, though you might have had good intentions the last week of December, you might be finding that, come the second week of January, there was a reason you weren’t going to the gym every morning or remembering to sit up straight last year. And that’s because, well, it’s hard! But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still try—maybe this time you just need a little help. We scoured the smart health landscape to find some of the most helpful gadgets to help you progress towards your goals. Here, five of our favorites.


If your New Year’s resolution is to hit the gym more than you did in the past, but you’re getting bored on the elliptical, switch to a less-boring workout with this heart rate-based training coach. Strap it onto your chest (it stays in place, even when you’re sweaty), and follow along with the workout videos on the app. It will analyze your heart rate performance and give you real-time coaching to improve and maximize your workout.

To buy: $60; amazon.com.


Maybe your resolution is something simple, like reminding yourself to not slouch as much at your desk. Take that reminder out of your control and instead use this smart tech coach. Clip it onto your shirt, set your target posture, and the clip will give you continuous feedback, buzzing anytime you slouch or lean back.

To buy: $65; amazon.com.


Everyone’s should-be goal for 2018? Relax a little! This clever device clips onto your belt or bra in order to sense your breathing. It will gently remind you to chill out if your breathing signals that you’re a little tense. Its integrated app has visual exercises and guided meditations to help you zen out, and also tracks you activity levels. Developed from research from Stanford University’s Calming Technologies Lab, this little helper has more than 1000 five-star reviews on Amazon.

To buy: $109; amazon.com.


Coworkers banding together to get more active in the new year? Outfit yourself with a Fitbit, the gold-standard in activity trackers. This unobtrusive bracelet tracks your activity, gives you reminders to move, and even lets you know if you have a new notification on your phone. The best part? Friend your coworkers (or other friends) on the Fitbit app and enter challenges with each other for easy motivation.

To buy: $100; amazon.com.


If your 2018 goal is to finally train for that marathon, make sure you get Vi—the personal runner trainer that lives inside stellar-quality headphones with a long lasting battery—to help you. The all-in-one device monitors your heart rate, gives you tips on your performance while you run, tracks your fitness, and lets you listen to your music, podcasts, or even take calls. The unobtrusive headset will guide you along to reach your PR in no time.

To buy: $160; amazon.com.