Now you’ll be able to send a female scientist or engineer emoji. 

By Madison Alcedo
Updated July 15, 2016

Whether we want to admit it, emojis are a significant part of our culture—so why wouldn’t we want them to accurately reflect our society? While they're becoming more diverse with options for different skin tones, the female emoji options are still a princess, a bride, a dancing woman, or a woman getting sort of beauty treatment. On the other hand, some of the male emojis include a police officer and a detective.

To continue to promote diversity and gender equality through emoji, the Unicode Emoji Subcommittee has agreed to add 11 “professional emoji” with both female and male options, thanks to a proposal Google submitted to the committee back in May. Google’s proposal comes from the company’s goal to represent and support women in the tech industry—the company also launched the Made With Code initiative a few years ago to help women pursue computer science careers.

The new professional emojis include a health worker, farmer, software engineer, businessperson, and scientist. Unicode is also adding a female option to 33 existing emojis such as the runner, the surfer, and the weightlifter. With all of the new options available in different skin colors, there will be more than 100 new emoji to choose from.

Unfortunately this new set of emoji won’t be released in time for World Emoji Day on July 17, but at least there will be better representation soon.