Avocado, bacon, and fingers crossed emojis might be coming your way soon.

By Sarah Yang
Updated January 25, 2016
Credit: emojipedia.org

Emoji-lovers, you’re in luck: You might be able to up your vocabulary with plenty of new characters later this year. The Unicode Consortium (the organization that regulates and standardizes text and characters for all computer systems) has accepted 74 new characters that are in the running to become official emojis. Unicode will determine the final batch in a meeting in the second quarter of this year and will debut the new characters this June. Then, it’s up to the phone manufacturers (like Apple and Android) to add them to the devices through software updates. There’s speculation that the batch could be included in Apple’s iOS 10 release in September.

The new emojis include a nauseated face, a drooling face, a face palm, a dancing man (similar to the dancing woman in a red dress), a selfie hand, and a hand with fingers crossed. New food characters include a croissant, an avocado, a baguette, a falafel pita, and a salad. And some potential animals are a fox, an owl, a shark, and a butterfly. Emojipedia created mockups of the potential characters, which we've pictured in this article.

Most of the new characters were created by popular request—and anyone can create a proposal for one, just be warned that you’ll need to back it up with plenty of data (like usage frequency and software compatibility).