Get ready for more ways to express yourself through pictures.

By Nora Horvath
Updated March 27, 2017

Exciting news, emjoi fans: there will soon be dozens of new ways to express yourself via your iPhone without using words, because a new emoji update is on the way with more than 50 specific images to use.

Emojipedia made mockups of what the images in Emoji 5.0 might look like, but the official images still need to be approved by Unicode, the non-profit organization that helps develop all the final images so they work on your device. Emojipedia says that while the list they’ve released is in its last stages, it is still subject to change.

Highlights from the bunch include a girl wearing a headscarf, who will be available in a number of skin tones, following the campaign of a fifteen-year-old girl from Germany who bypassed Apple and went straight to Unicode until they made an image that represented her. Other additions include people doing yoga, rock climbers, a dumpling (finally!), dinosaurs, and a woman breastfeeding her baby.

For fantasy lovers, the new update will include zombies, mermaids and mermen, magicians, fairies, genies, and vampires. There will also be an expansion of the ultra specific food-related items available, including a takeout container, a pretzel, broccoli, and a coconut.

The expected release date for these emojis is in summer 2017, and we’ll be holding our breath until then. But there’s still one overlooked thing we’re hoping for when Unicode gets around to planning the next batch: a red-headed emoji!