3 Cool Tech Gadgets You Should Know About

Keep your eye out for a new wave of problem-solving products.

Kickstarter is full of life-changing gadgets. (Remember how Cards Against Humanity transformed your family get-togethers?) But with over 4,500 projects vying for your support, it’s hard to sort out the best up-and-coming products from ones that create, well, clutter. So our editors scoured the rosters for gadgets that promise to make life easier. Here, three favorites that combine the best in form and function.


Homemade Cider Maker

Photo by Alchema

Alchema is a new tabletop machine that turns fresh fruit into homemade craft hard cider with ease. Choose a recipe from the iOS app, add the ingredients along with a yeast packet, and wait about 1 to 2 weeks. (If you have wine grapes and 16 weeks, you can make your own wine, too.) There’s no guesswork involved, since the app let’s you know when your brew is ready. A medical grade sanitation light, air pressure sensors, and alcohol level calculation keeps the process safe, too. Backers can score the Alchema, which will ship next summer, for $329 (it will retail at $399). Prefer a mixed cocktail? Check out the invention that promises to be the Keurig of cocktails.


Automatic Modem Rebooter

Photo by wireboot.com

One minute you’re in the middle of a Netflix binge. The next? You’re on your hands and knees trying to figure out where the reset button on your modem is. Thankfully, WiReboot will soon come to your rescue. The gadget automatically reboots your router as soon as the connection drops. At the time of writing, a $13.88 pledge will land you one WiReboot with DC-USB adapter cables. Looking for a stocking stuffer your loved one will actually use? The tool plans to ship in September.


Smart Mirror

Photo by Perseus

Video makeup tutorials are one of the best things about the YouTube age. But it's nearly impossible to get your eyeliner just right when you're looking at a screen and a mirror. Enter Perseus. Videos stream through the mirror, so you can seamlessly follow a makeup tutorial or get calendar, news, weather, and commute updates while getting ready. You can even connect your phone via Bluetooth to answer e-mails and texts straight through the mirror. What’s more? An HD camera means you’ll start your day with your best selfie. The product, which plans to ship in April 2017, is available to backers for $209 despite a suggested retail price of $449.