You can now watch Instagram stories by location and hashtag.

By Real Simple
Updated May 23, 2017
Wendy Granger

Watch out Snapchat. Not only did Instagram recently release filters just like Snapchat’s, but now the popular photo app will also allow users to search Stories by location and hashtag so they can really get specific with what they want to check out.

Through the location-specific Stories, you can search by city, landmark, town, or local business to see photos and videos within that area. So, you might be wondering how does Instagram create these location Stories? Here’s how: when a user applies a location filter to a photo or video, Instagram uses its algorithm to pull the content into the location-based story. The best part? Users can see how many views they’re getting, so they know how well their content is performing.

While we don’t know exactly when hashtag Stories will be released (it’s supposed to be within the next few weeks), we do know that Instagram will pull all photos using the same hashtag into one story feed just like the location function.

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So what makes Instagram Stories different than Snapchat’s? Unlike Snapchat, Instagram doesn’t hand-curate Stories, so users are getting to see everything that the world has to offer without any editing, similar to the idea of #nofilter, if you will.