Introducing Stories Highlights and Stories Archive.

By Liz Steelman
Updated December 05, 2017
Instagram Highlights
Credit: Instagram

Since Instagram Stories were first announced in August 2016, the social platform has become a vital way in which you keep up with your friends, family members, and favorite celebrities’ day-to-day. And today, Instagram announced two new features that will keep stories around for more than 24 hours: Stories Archive and Stories Highlights.

Worked really hard on an Instagram story but forgot to save it before the 24-hour mark? Well, now you won’t have to remember to hit “Save”—posted stories will now automatically save to a private archive called Stories Archive. Users will have the option to reshare stories from their archive (a perfect #TBT and #FBF tool!) or create a post to share in your Instagram feed. Users will also have the option of turning off the feature all together.

And for those who love watching a year in review or creating a one second every day video, there’s a new, easy way to create a personal highlight reel. Stories Highlights does exactly that by designating a new space on your profile that groups selected Stories into a Highlight that is always available for you and your followers to view via a horizontal scroll bar above a photo grid. Users can create as many highlights as they want, so you can create one to document the growth of your little one, all the vacations you’ve taken, your #ootd (outfit of the day), your favorite meals, or what have you.

To access the new features, download version 25 on iOS or Android.