There’s a new way to explore the app.

By Sarah Yang
Updated December 12, 2017

Instagram is making it easier to stay up to date with your various interests, and explore some new ones. The social media platform just announced that it's introducing the ability to follow hashtags today. That’s right, you can follow everything from #ootd, #tbt, #interiordesign, #feedfeed, and more to see what’s trending on the app and discover photos, videos, and new accounts to follow.

To follow a hashtag, you can search for a specific topic or click on a hashtag in a post and then tap on the “Follow” button. After doing that, you’ll start seeing top posts from that hashtag in your Instagram feed, and any stories with the hashtag will appear in your stories bar.

Your profile will also have a list of the hashtags you follow, just like it shows your followers and who you follow—so you can go to other people’s profiles to find more hashtags you might be interested in. And good news, the privacy settings will be the same for hashtags—if your profile is set to private, only your followers can see the ones you follow.

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Instagram hopes that this new feature will bring the community of 800 million accounts closer together, making it easier to explore certain communities like interior design enthusiasts, foodies, fashionistas, fitness fanatics, and more.