Don’t panic.

By Sarah Yang
Updated July 26, 2016
Bloomberg/Getty Images

Last night, while everyone was relaxing after a long Monday, the unthinkable happened: Instagram stopped working. Some users reported that every time they tried to open their apps to photos of food, dogs, and dream homes, it crashed while loading. It was a long night without being able to endlessly scroll through your feed before bedtime—as of this post, the app has been down for some users for 12+ hours.

We’re not quite sure why the app isn’t working, but there is hope if it’s still on the fritz and you’re jonesing for your daily (or hourly) fix of photo eye candy: Delete the app from your phone and re-download. For most users (and this editor), it works like a charm.

If the past 12+ hours have rejuvenated you (and improved your sleep) and you’d rather be disconnected for a bit, you can wait it out—we’re sure Instagram will have a fix soon enough.