What's the remedy for Glued to My Phone syndrome?

Do you have someone—maybe a coworker or a teenager—who can't put down her phone or look up from his computer? You might be dealing with a tech addict, and it can be frustrating to see the phone on the dinner table, Facebook pulled up at work, or constant texting in the middle of your conversation. And not only is it irritating, but screen addiction is probably doing bad things for his or her health, too. On this week's episode of "I Want to Like You," Real Simple editor Kristin van Ogtrop consulted Dr. David Greenfield, founder and director of the Center for Internet Technology Addiction, on how you can identify a tech addict, and at what point being plugged in becomes problematic.

She also spoke to Caroline Tiger, author of How to Behave ($13, amazon.com), about how to relate to the tech addicts you come into contact with every day. If you've ever been distracted by a coworker's online shopping or gotten stuck behind someone texting in line, you need Tiger's etiquette tips. Listen to the full episode below, and don't forget to subscribe to all of our podcasts on iTunes.