These quick updates and upgrades make your home so efficient it can almost run itself. 

By Lauren Phillips
Updated May 25, 2018
Illo: Smart Home
Credit: Boyoun Kim

1. Check Your Wi-Fi

Slow Wi-Fi networks make smart home systems less effective, says Geek Squad agent Ismael Matos. You’ll want a powerful router, like one from Linksys or Netgear. If you need help setting it up, call your internet service provider or a tech support company.

2. Swap in Smart Bulbs

They fit most fixtures, let you turn the lights on or off with your phone or voice, and are energy efficient. Upgrade your thermostat too: Popping out the old one and installing a Nest (or similar smart device) into the spot isn’t difficult and takes about half an hour.

3. Set Your Preferences

Follow your devices’ in-app guides to, for example, set the HVAC to turn on 10 minutes before you get home. Then link the devices to your voice assistant.