You can set a timer for parking spots that have meters or time limits, too. 

By Nora Horvath
Updated March 23, 2017

If you’ve ever walked to a parking lot, scratched your head, looked around and thought, hmm... where did I park?, you’re in luck. A new feature introduced to the Google Maps app for Android v9.49 beta will help ensure you never lose track of your car when you park in an unfamiliar place.

With the new update, when you open Google Maps and click on the blue dot that indicates your location, you will be given the option to “save your parking,” which will place a blue P on the spot. You are also given the option to add notes to the icon, photos of the area, and to set a timer for parking spots that have meters or time limits. You will get a push notification when the timer runs out.

If you are an iPhone user who opts to use Apple Maps instead of the Google version, you may already be using a similar system. In Apple Maps version iOS 10 or later, the iPhone automatically remembers a vehicle’s location at the end of a trip. Users are also given the option to edit the location manually. When you open the maps app again, your parked car shows up automatically as a recommended location to navigate to.

Another new feature in the Android v9.49 beta update gives users the weather prediction for your destination while planning navigation. Currently, the upgraded Google Maps features are only available for Android users, but an update for iOS users is on its way.