Fed up with perfectly perfect status updates? Find relentlessly positive posts out-and-out irritating? Join the movement: Let's bring a dose of reality to social media.
Bad Facebook Statuses
Credit: Graham Roumieu

We get it: When it comes to social media, it’s natural to want to share the great aspects of one’s life (“I married my best friend. Feeling so blessed now!”) and leave out the less-than-great (how said best friends constantly fight about dirty socks on the floor and visits to the in-laws).

But let’s face it: Those edited, Instagram-filtered versions of lives don’t do anyone much good. They can cause gnawing feelings of inadequacy in those who read them—it’s all too easy to forget that the posters are virtually ignoring the screaming toddler and the sink-full of dirty dishes. And on the flip side, isn’t maintaining public perfection exhausting?

So what say we all tell it like it really is. Real Simple is designating January 13 to 17 as Get Real on the Internet Week (think of it as the social media equivalent of slipping out of your business wear to relax in your sweats). Every day we’ll send out a fun new challenge to inspire you to share the whole chaotic, crumb-filled picture of your life—not the airbrushed one.

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