It will be rolling out this week.

By Sarah Yang
Updated December 15, 2017
Facebook Snooze Feature
Credit: Facebook

We all have that one Facebook friend who posts a little too much, whether it’s photos of their pets, kids, or what they’re eating for every single meal. You certainly don’t want to unfriend them, but you’d rather not see their posts clogging up your News Feed every day. Now, Facebook has come up with an easy solution for this social media dilemma: “Snooze.”

“Seeing too many photos of your uncle’s new cat? Is your friend tempting you with endless photos of ramen on her Japan trip?” writes Product Manager Sruthi Muraleedharan in a Newsroom post. “It turns out, you’re not alone. We’ve heard from people that they want more options to determine what they see in News Feed and when they see it.”

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Facebook already has other features to control how often you see your friends’ posts like Unfollow (none of their posts will ever appear on your News Feed) and Hide (a single post will be hidden). The Snooze button is a bit of a compromise between the two—it allows you to temporarily unfollow the person, Page, or group for 30 days, without them knowing. You can undo the action if you change your mind before the time period is up, and you’ll also be notified when the 30-day period is almost over.

To enable the Snooze feature, click on the three dots above the post and click on the option that says “Snooze for 30 days”—and you’re done!