The social media platform added new features and made tweaks to its design. 

By Sarah Yang
Updated August 16, 2017

Change can be hard—if you’re were an early adopter of Facebook, you might remember your “Wall” (which was replaced by the Timeline in 2011), status updates that that were relegated to “[Name] is…”, and “pokes.” These now-defunct features might have been hard to say goodbye to, but you probably don’t miss them that much. And now Facebook is introducing new changes in design and features that you probably won’t have a hard time getting used to—you might even find them easier to use.

Starting today and over the next few weeks, you’ll be noticing some changes on your Facebook account, specifically on your News Feed and how you wish your friends a “Happy Birthday.” Take a look at them below.


Facebook designers have made some subtle tweaks to how links and conversations appear on your News Feed. For comments, it’s now clearer to see who is replying to your post and it’s even easier to reply back. And if there’s a comment thread on a post between you and one of your friends, it’s easier to reply to that specific thread.

They’ve also changed the readability on your News Feed with increased color contrast on the typography, larger link previews, and larger Like, Comment, and Share buttons that are easier to tap.

And while these changes are very subtle, one thing you will notice is that profile pictures will now be in a circular shape, rather than a square, which is another readability improvement from the Facebook design team.


Ever clicked on someone’s post and couldn’t find a way to get back to your News Feed? That’s about to change. The design team made three changes to make toggling between friends’ posts and your News Feed easier. You’ll be able to see where a link will take your before clicking on it and see whose post you’re actually commenting on, reacting to, or reading while you’re in the post. And after you’re done reading, there’s a bigger back button so you can easily go back to your News Feed.


Starting today, there are two new ways to wish someone a happy birthday, or celebrate your own. First, you can create a fundraiser for your birthday on Facebook to raise money for a cause you care about. There are over 750,000 U.S. nonprofits to choose from. Your friends will get a notification on your birthday with a chance to donate.

Second, Facebook will make birthday video greetings for your best friends on their birthday so you can share with them. These videos are similar to the ones the social media platform automatically creates to celebrate the anniversary of when you’ve become Facebook friends with a close friend.