It's easier than you think.

By Lisa Marie Segarra
Updated August 16, 2017
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Credit: Carl Court—Getty Images

It's the 2017 version of butt dialing—accidentally placing a call to a friend through Facebook Messenger. And to make matters worse, the calls placed with Facebook Messenger use your cell phone plan’s data if you’re not connected to WiFi.

But luckily, there's a way to stop it.

Disabling the ability to make video and voice calls through the desktop version of Facebook Messenger is pretty straightforward. On the chat panel on the right-hand side of the screen, users can click the gear icon to bring up the options menu. There, you can select "Turn Off Video/Voice Calls."

People can also select a specific length of time to turn the feature off or leave if it off indefinitely.

Unfortunately, preventing your phone from randomly calling your significant other, or some random Facebook friend, isn’t a one-step solution that will turn off the feature. But, there is a way to prevent the problem. Go into your Facebook messenger app’s settings in “System Preferences” on an iOS device and remove the microphone permissions. If the phone icon is pressed, the app will ask for permission to access the microphone rather than placing the call.

This will also prevent people from taking a video with sound directly through the Messenger app as well, which could potentially save you from an awkward conversation about why you called a friend from the grocery store.

And if you decide you want to video chat with a Facebook friend or call them though the app, it’s simple to turn the microphone permissions back on—using the same method to disable the feature.

Facebook launched voice calling through Messenger back in 2011, and worked with Skype to offer video calling. The app has continued launching other services through the app by connecting with Lyft, OpenTable, Kayak, Spotify and The app also started letting users make peer-to-peer payments similar to Venmo in 2015.