It’s even easier to apply for jobs on the social network, particularly if you're looking for this kind of work.

By Sarah Yang
Updated February 28, 2018
Facebook on iPad
Credit: hocus-focus/Getty Images

You already spend a lot of time on Facebook keeping tabs on your friends and family’s lives, and also watching recipe, craft, and animal videos, so why not also use the time spent on the social media platform to further your job search? Facebook is expanding its “Jobs” feature to more than 40 countries, and has made it even easier to search and apply to jobs.

While the feature was introduced to the U.S. and Canada last year, some users might not know about it, or tried it yet. For job-seekers, they can set up job alerts, submit applications, and also interact with hiring managers through Messenger to answer questions and set up job interviews.

To search for a job, all you have to do is go to on your desktop, or in the “Jobs” section of the “Explore” tab on mobile (it’s those three lines on the bottom bar in the mobile app). Applying for a job is easy—just click “Apply Now” and the application will autofill with some information from your profile (which you can edit), then once you’re ready to submit, just press “Send.” Once it’s submitted, a Messenger conversation is created, so that you know the application was received and the hiring manager and business owner can contact you through the message thread.

While there are plenty of job search sites and tools online, what sets Facebook apart is the community aspect of the tool. Helping local businesses find employees is one of the main goals. Plus, the application experience is not as formal as other job boards or search engines. “It connects the businesses that are on our platform—there are 70 million active businesses, a lot of those are local businesses—with the people on our platform,” Alex Himel, Facebook’s VP of Local, told “The product isn’t about these formal resumes, or advanced search criteria, it’s just really lightweight connections between the people and businesses to find work that way.