With this little trick, the Facebook mobile app can actually reduce the cost of your monthly phone bill. 

By Sarah Yang
Updated February 05, 2018
Facebook App Logo
Credit: Thomas Trutschel/Getty Images

It can be tough out there if you don’t have an unlimited data plan. You have to be careful about how often you scroll through Instagram and Facebook or watch YouTube videos without Wi-Fi, which can be easier said than done when you’re trying to kill time waiting for your friends in a public spot like the mall or a restaurant. Facebook can help with that.

Yes, Facebook, that data-suck that we mentioned earlier, can actually help you avoid paying extra on your phone bill. In the Facebook mobile app is a handy feature called “Find Wi-Fi,” which helps you find hotspots that nearby business have shared with Facebook through their Pages. Facebook told Real Simple that they’ve received great feedback from users who say it’s helpful when traveling or in areas where there is poor cell service.

To enable the feature on your phone, go to your Facebook app and click the “More” tab (the button with three lines). Scroll down and click on “Find Wi-Fi” and choose “Enable Find Wi-Fi.” Once you do that, a map will pop up with all the available hotspots from businesses nearby, so that you can see how far the closest area with Wi-Fi is to you. And unlike your regular Wi-Fi feature on your phone, it will show you hotspots in a farther radius.