The social media giant rolled out new animations and reactions for celebratory posts.

By Liz Steelman
Updated October 23, 2017

Feel like your Facebook feed has gotten a little stale? Well, today, you can liven up your feed by using two new “secret” Easter eggs the tech giant rolled out.

The first is a way to celebrate a life event. Whether you’re celebrating an anniversary of a years-long Facebook friendship or romantic relationship, announcing an engagement or new job, or commemorating the birth of a child or a big move, Facebook’s improved reactions for personal milestones will help cement the momentous occasion. When sending or receiving likes, hearts, or wows on a Life Event post, the post will start to dance and burst across your screen with the reactions of friends and loved ones.

And since it’s not every day that someone celebrates a life-changing moment, Facebook also released an Easter egg to make quotidian moments more special, too. If you’ve noticed recently when posting words like “congratulations,” Facebook releases digital confetti as balloons cannon across the screen. The newest Easter egg builds upon this feature by sparking reactions when a new number of words, like “Rad,” “BFF,” “LMAO” and “Thank you so much” are posted.

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