Don’t worry: Your mobile uploads aren’t going anywhere.

By Brigitt Earley
Updated June 13, 2016
Courtesy of Facebook

Facebook has announced plans to permanently delete certain user photos, unless those affected download the company’s Moments app. The news has upset some users and caused confusion over what Facebook actually plans to delete.

When Facebook launched their iOS app in 2012, there was an optional feature called “photo syncing.” Opting in allowed users to automatically sync photos from their smartphone’s camera roll into a private album on Facebook. Unsure if you opted in? Navigate to your photo albums and check for an album called “Synced” (in the app) or “Synced from Phone” (on the desktop version).

Earlier this year, Facebook moved these photos to the new Moments app. Now, the company is sending notifications and emails to users to warn that any photos that were auto-synced will be deleted unless the user installs and logs in to the accompanying app by July 7. Those who don’t want to add another app to an already overloaded smartphone can download their synced photos instead. To do so, simply navigate to your profile on Facebook’s desktop version, click photos, and then click Synced from Phone. Those who did not opt in to auto-syncing won’t see this option on their profile.

And don’t worry: Your mobile uploads are safe. Any photos and videos you actively uploaded or shared to Facebook will remain on the social network.