Alaskans want to learn how to fish. Minnesotans are curious about quitting a job — and quilting. The most popular how-to questions really vary across the country. 

By Sarah Yang
Updated October 18, 2016

How many times do you use Google or a search engine to get a question answered? If it’s multiple times a day, you’re definitely not alone. Real estate site Estately recently looked at how people use Google across the United States.

To find out which how-to questions users in each state searched for more frequently than users in others, Estately used Google Autocomplete (i.e., when you type in part of a question and the search bar completes it for you) to find hundreds of common how-to questions and ran them through Google Trends to see which state searched for those questions the most over the past five years.

Some interesting most-asked how-to questions range from household questions, like “How to get rid of fruit flies?” from Maine, and “How to make floral arrangements?” from Oregon; to cooking questions, like “How to hard boil eggs?” from Montana, and “How to make donuts?” from Massachusetts. And there are some questions that are downright silly, like “How to be a ninja?” from Hawaii, and “How to be awesome?” from North Carolina.

Take a look at the infographic below for more questions, and see all of the results at Estately.