Because sometimes an emoji is worth 1,000 words.

By Sarah Yang
Updated July 15, 2016

Texters can never get enough emojis, and that includes the staff. Even though there are 74 new emojis set to debut sometime in the near future, the lineup is still lacking some key characters that we think would help us to express ourselves. In honor of World Emoji Day on July 17, 2016, we compiled our emoji wishlist. Unicode Constortium (the organization that regulates emojis for all computer systems), please take note.

  • White wine: “The champagne bottle was an excellent addition, but a simple glass of Pinot Grigio is missing. Unicode, time to be an equal opportunity oenophile.”
  • Mermaid: “How else are you supposed to describe a perfect day on the beach?”
  • Peony: “If they have a cherry blossom emoji, they should definitely have a peony emoji. They’re also my—and pretty much everyone else’s—favorite flower.”
  • Luggage: “They need this emoji for traveling and airport Instagram photos—simple as that!”
  • Running sneaker or person running in workout gear: “The ‘running guy’ is clearly just a man who is rushing to work. He’s in jeans! As a runner, I always wish I had a better emoji to add to the photos from my runs.”
  • Lisa Frank Trapper Keeper: “The current notepad, folder, paperclip section is drab, like that 1980s office computer.”
  • Cartoon Bug Eyes: “For when your friend sends you a snap of a cute guy while out and about.”
  • Stack of pancakes or waffles: “Right now there’s only one breakfast-related emoji: the egg in a frying pan. How else are you supposed to caption your perfect blueberry waffle Instagram photo?”
  • Pretzel: “What’s a salty snack-lover to do?”
  • Vacuum/Mop/Broom: “How else are you going to tell your roommates to clean up after themselves?”