Hopefully they won’t flip flop on this decision!

By Liz Steelman
Updated December 06, 2017
iOS 11.1 Emojis
Credit: apple.com

How did we ever communicate without emojis? They’re able to convey so much in so little space. And in 2018, it seems like we will be able to say even more using the little images. On Monday, the Unicode Consortium (the organization that regulates and standardizes text and characters for all computer systems) released notes from their most recent meeting and announced the release of a beta version of new emoji candidates, including an exciting change to already existing ones.

Among the new proposed emoji are superhero, a redhead, a woman’s flat shoe, a llama, a bagel, and toilet paper, among others. While they are expecting to add more gender and skin tone options for emojis, they’re also potentially adding a new change that you didn’t know you needed: the ability to flip the emoji to point either right or left. Never again will your train or runner emoji be facing the wrong direction!

Though the beta version is not available to consumers, it’s released to developers so they can start working on the new updates. The consortium stated that new emojis (and new features) will be decided in January 2018, and announced in March. Users can expect to be able to use them in the second half of 2018, when the newest iOS and Android version are concurrently released.

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