Whether it’s for your home’s WiFi or your bank account, creating a strong password is essential for cyber security. Here are a few essentials, as reported by Business Insider, for keeping yourself safe online.

By Real Simple
Updated October 07, 2014

#1 Passwords should be a minimum of eight characters, the more random the better. Aim for a mix of letters, numbers, and symbols, but avoid common phrases, names, or places. In other words, skip Fido123.

#2 Take a tip from your teen’s texting. While it might drive you crazy when your child writes back “Luv U 2!,” misspelling words or phrases and adding in symbols or numbers for letters makes passwords much more difficult to guess.

#3 Don’t reuse and repeat. Never use the same password for multiple accounts and steer clear of recycling past passwords. This is especially important if you plan to share passwords, such as for your wireless or movie-watching account, with family or friends.

Have a WiFi password you want to share with your house guests? Instead of waiting for them to ask you for it, leave a printout of the login information in their room. Just input your password in this free downloadable template from the blog IRockSoWhat.com. Print it on card stock, have it laminated at an office-supply shop, and place it on the nightstand so that guests can find it at a glance.