Without totally blowing up.

Have you ever left a note on a car of someone who did a poor parking job, or glared at a person who cut you in line at the grocery store? On this week's episode of "I Want to Like You," host Kristin van Ogtrop—by request!—tackles the problem of really rude strangers, whether they're in your space, or you're witnessing someone be impolite to others. She is joined by Catherine Newman, Real Simple's "Modern Manners" columnist, and Jeff Heisey, Secretary-Treasurer of the Association of Flight Attendants, who has spent 30 years with United Airlines. And who knows more about rude people in close quarters than a flight attendant?

For the how-to on dealing with rude strangers, listen to the full episode below for etiquette advice from Newman, as well as a few hilarious (and alarming!) stories from Heisey's time as a flight attendant—and how he kept his cool. Don't forget to subscribe and review the show on iTunes!