Be Nice on the Internet

The default behavior on the Web seems to be rudeness, the mind-set negative. Find out why—and how you can take a stand against poor Internet etiquette.

New Rules of Etiquette

Practice Good Facebook Etiquette

Real Simple asked readers to share their biggest Facebook pet peeves. Here, get the results of this exclusive survey.

A Real Simple Guide to Social Media Sites

Regardless of how you feel about Facebook and Twitter (from “can’t be bothered” to “can’t live without it”), there’s no denying that they’ve changed our world. Get expert advice for navigating these growing sites, plus learn what Real Simple readers consider their biggest pet peeves.

The Tech Etiquette Manual

How to be plugged in without being rude: The pros solve modern conundrums.

The Guide to Social Media Etiquette

As quickly as the Internet evolves, so does the way we interact online. Here are the new rules for navigating social media with grace.


Old-School Messaging

Keep in Touch Through Social Media Tools

These social networking websites and other services make it easy and affordable to keep in touch with loved ones near and far.