A few strategies for dealing with questions that make you cringe.

By Real Simple
Updated March 26, 2015
If work stresses are relentlessly bleeding into your evenings and weekends—or even vacations—well after you've tried to set personal boundaries, start the search for a job that can offer a more fulfilling work-life blend."You have to find a healthy balance outside of work, so you can relieve job stresses before they become overly draining," says Dr. Woody. "Some people get so consumed by their job—especially in today's 24/7 world, where every time an email notification beeps, we pick up our phone like a Pavlovian dog—that they burn out quickly." Dr. Woody suggests checking in with yourself every month, or at least once a quarter, and ask: Am I accomplishing what I need? Am I still passionate about it? "If you're not enjoying the journey or having fun along the way," he adds, "once you reach your so-called career 'destination', you'll only be disappointed."If leaving your job seems a bit too drastic, but you want to improve your work life, try these 8 tricks and tips to get your positive attitude back.-Written by Jessica HendersonRelated links from LearnVest:Job Hunting? 8 Tough Interview Techniques to Prepare For7 Tricks to Ace a Remote InterviewSign Up for LearnVest’s Debt-Diminishing Financial Bootcamp
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Everyone dreads probing, personal questions at family gatherings, especially those that spotlight your family and relationship. How do you deflect those questions without coming off as too defensive or rude? In the latest episode of "I Want to Like You," Real Simple editor Kristin van Ogtrop calls on two very different experts: Catherine Newman, etiquette columnist for Real Simple, and People Executive Editor Kate Coyne, who has made a career out of asking those personal questions. Coyne remembers the best celebrity deflections, while Newman offers a few tips for handling those questions with grace—as well as the perfect answer for the ever-annoying, "When are you getting married?" Listen to the full episode below, and don't forget to subscribe to the Real Simple podcasts on iTunes.