The social media network just rolled out more than 1,500 new ones.

By Sarah Yang
Updated June 02, 2016

For those who’d rather express themselves in emoji-form than words, you’ll never be at loss for those animated characters with Facebook’s latest update. The social media network just announced that it’s introducing more than 1,500 new emojis for its Messenger platform, which allows users to chat and text each other for free.

Recently, there’s been a push for more diverse emojis—a group of Google employees advocated for a new set of characters that depict a woman as a doctor, a scientist, a software engineer, a construction worker, and more—and Facebook’s new announcement can help the cause. The new emojis feature a female police officer, a runner, a pedestrian, a surfer, and a swimmer. Users can also choose different skin colors and hair colors (yes, there are even options for redheads).

Plus, these symbols will be standardized across all operating systems, so they’ll look the same even if you’re sending them from your iPhone to your friend with an Android device, and vice versa. These new emojis are all available Thursday on Facebook Messenger for your phone, tablet, or desktop.

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