Follow these steps to e-mail pictures in a flash.

By Sharon Tanenbaum and Ashley Tate
Updated February 05, 2009
Lucas Allen
  1. Download snapshots from your camera to your computer. Connect the two with a USB cable and turn on the camera. The photo software on your computer (such as iPhoto, which comes with a Mac) should open and transfer the photos automatically. If it doesn’t, go to to download Picasa, a free software application.
  2. Open a downloaded photo. Reduce the dimensions to approximately 640 pixels wide by 480 pixels high for landscape format, or 480 by 640 for portrait photos. How to do this varies with each program, so search the menus for a tool. Don’t worry; the reduced image will still be clear.
  3. Save this smaller image as a new JPEG file. Go to File, then Save As, and type in a name with a logical suffix, like “.foremail” (for example, “birthday.foremail”), so it’s easy to find later on.
  4. Open a new e-mail message. Click on the attachment icon, search for the .foremail file, and click Choose or OK to attach. Then type in an address and send. Not quite as easy as licking a stamp, but it gets there faster!