It will basically change your life.
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Credit: Courtesy of Bitstrips Inc.

So much meaning can get lost in a text—and there’s only so much an exclamation point or a heart eye emoji can do to help convey your tone. To the rescue? An insanely addictive app.

Bitmoji lets you create a cartoon-ish version of yourself that has a reaction or saying for just about anything, from a simple “Hello!” to an annoyed “Ugh” to delightful holiday greetings for Easter, Christmas, Hanukkah, and birthdays. And since you can tailor your avatar to look like you, it feels like a personalized, more “human” way to chat with people through technology. At, we’re a little obsessed. It’s completely changed the way we communicate with each other—we often send Bitmojis through email that say “Team Awesome” or “Killin’ It” as a way to encourage and congratulate others on their hard work. And it applies in social settings, too—group texts are made more fun since you can “see” your friends and family reacting and conversing in avatar form.

We're not the only ones who can't resist: according to Bitstrips, users shared more than 10 million Bitmojis on Christmas and New Year’s Day, plus 750,000 Bitmojis per hour on Christmas morning. And now, according to Fortune, Snapchat, the messaging app that lets you send pictures that disappear after a few seconds, has reportedly bought Bitstrips, the company behind Bitmojis, for $100 million. While both companies have yet to comment on the news and it’s still unclear what exactly Snapchat plans to do with this acquisition, we can only hope the phenomenon is about to get even bigger.

Still on the fence about downloading this free app? We’ve rounded up a few of our favorite things about it:

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How's it goin' Bitmoji
Credit: Courtesy of Bitstrips Inc.

It’s An Easier Way to Text

The hardest part about using the app is downloading it and installing the keyboard on your phone to send the Bitmojis. But after that, it makes texting a lot more fun. Send an adorable avatar of yourself saying “Good Night” to your parents who live on the opposite side of the country. Or ask the friend you haven’t talked to in a while “How’s It Goin?’”

Bitmojis aren’t just for texts, either. You can send them through emails, too. For Chrome web browser users, just download an extension that lets you copy and paste them into emails.

What a Day Bitmoji
Credit: Courtesy of Bitstrips Inc.

It Makes Your Day Better

Even if you’re having a bad day, sending a Bitmoji with the phrase “What a Day” can make it just a little bit better. Plus, the app debuts new (and always hilarious) designs every week so you’ll always have something to look forward to. Think of Bitmojis as positive and aspirational—you can design yours to be the best version of yourself, whether your avatar is more active or just a little more cheerful, you can put your best digital self forward.

Loss for words Bitmoji
Credit: Courtesy of Bitstrips Inc.

You’ll Never Be At a Loss for Words

We've all been there before: you send a text to someone and it gets interpreted the wrong way, making it all kinds of awkward. Bitmoji to the rescue! With hundreds of phrases and reactions, you’ll always have something to say. We’re still waiting for a few on our wishlist (like a “nervous” Bitmoji or a “cleaning” one—we are Real Simple editors after all).

Trends Bitmoji
Credit: Courtesy of Bitstrips Inc.

It Will Keep You Up-to-Date on Pop Culture Trends

The app is constantly updating to provide new designs that capitalize on “trending” moments—when everyone was debating about whether #thedress was blue and black or white and gold, the creators made two Bitmojis so you could share which “team” you were on. There are also new Bitmojis rolling out regularly that are pegged to other pop culture moments, like movies (Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Inside Out are some) and even Broadway musicals (such as The Book of Mormon).

You can also stay up-to-date on the latest fashion trends, too, even if you can’t afford designer clothes in real life. Dress your Bitmojis in threads from Marc Jacobs, Diane von Furstenberg, or Michael Kors.

Sorry Bitmoji
Credit: Courtesy of Bitstrips Inc.

And People Can Never Get Mad If You’re Late

Especially if you send them a Bitmoji saying “On My Way” or “I’m Late!” Personally, my Bitmoji always gets me out of trouble. Who can resist a much cuter version of me saying “Sorry”? An animated, exaggerated version of you is the best way to break the ice.